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By S. A. Amitsur (auth.), Freddy M. J. van Oystaeyen, Alain H. M. J. Verschoren (eds.)

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Clearly ~ is injective. Surjectivity of ~ follows in a straightfov~zar3 that the induced~ : Af = A--~ END C Ae = END manner Af from the fact = A is surjective, 33 using again the graded version of Nakayama's Lemma. e. A ~ I in Br g (C). 3. Lemma If C is gr-local, C g~' is gr-local. Proof : Obviously M g = ~ g . Take If N ~ M g is another graded ideal then NnR = M x homogeneous in N and suppose x / Cauchy net (x)~ then there is a cofina] and y~ f Mg. If x = lira x (z ~I subnet (y~)~ for some with y~ homogeneous M.

5), T(hi(g(A)+l)T(z))=T(ti)hi(~(A)+l)lZ(Z), hi=(ti+l) x(~(A)+l)-iv(z)-i with hence x g k I. 16) hl=(~(tl)+l)y with y g k 2. 11). e. F(t) takes values in F(t) is k. 13). We interpret our result in geometric language. 19) Xi' Yi' i=1,2,3, in the projective space IpS(k) with equation 2 2 2 . 2 2 2 (X~ _ 2 2 X 1 - alYI=(X 2 - a2Y2 ) a3Y3)F(t ) is called the variety of t. We have shown IP5. 20. 21. in G K ~. 19) Write Ni and let has a t ex. rNl=N2N3, is more symmetric 5, is a coboundary k-rational point if and only if the equation in ([CF], t=(tl,t2,t3,t4) if and only if point.

We can restrict y=ry' 3-cocycles 2 q (r)=(r )= -1. Then the be a prime number such that Q-rational divides for del counterexamples. Proposition has no of an we do not have explicit (see section 4). By using the following arithmetical explicit In equation r : a finite number of : r ~ N2(Y). pn , where the prime numbers can all be taken different by an argument analogous because the squares are eliminated to that in (a). Pn)2=l. Pn)2=(2,r)2(q,r)2 ~ (2,Pi) 2 n (q,pi)2 = 2 i = n (2,Pi)2 (use that (2,r)2=(_i)(r - 1 ) / ~ = - 1 since (2)= -1, i (q,r) 2=(-l)[(q-l)/2][(r-1)/2]=l and (q,pi)=l since q~l rood 8).

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