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By Marion Husband

Love and loyalty set in WWII

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Closing his eye he forced himself to concentrate on sleep, trying to ignore Jenkins’s quiet humming of The Boy I Love. ’ Standing beside Paul at the front of the church, Adam turned very deliberately and looked at the bride’s side of the congregation. ‘No,’ he said. ’ He touched Paul’s hand discreetly. ‘Listen – if you look round they’ll all smile at you. ’ ‘I look idiotic, don’t I? ’ ‘Hush. Don’t say that now. ’ He frowned at him. ’ ‘I don’t know. Maybe. ’ He smiled, hoping to reassure him that he wasn't going to run away.

Wondering why he hadn't thought of it before, he smiled to himself. His appetite killed by excitement, he spooned more of the eggs on to Mick’s plate and called his brother to the table. ’ Mick looked up from mopping bacon fat from his plate with a slice of bread. ’ As though he had just thought of it he said, ‘Let’s visit the grave tomorrow. ’ Patrick began to stack the plates as Mick lit a cigarette and deftly manoeuvred his chair away from the table and over to the fire. Reaching up to the mantelpiece he took down a book and began to read.

She heard their bed creak and held her breath to listen to the sudden silence. After a while all she could hear were her father’s snores. ’ Her father said, ‘Margot, please think carefully about this. ’ He had pushed her knickers down so that they gathered beneath the hard bump and pressed his hands over her in a blind search for problems he had decided wouldn’t exist. He gave her iron tablets and told her to eat liver. She craved oranges. To Paul, who waited outside, he said, ‘Congratulations, young man.

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