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By John McKeane, Hannes Opelz

The paintings of French author and essayist Maurice Blanchot (1907-2003) is absolutely one of the so much tough the 20th century has to provide. modern debate in literature, philosophy, and politics has but to totally recognize its discreet yet enduring influence. coming up from a convention that came about in Oxford in 2009, this e-book units itself an easy, if daunting, job: that of measuring the influence and responding to the problem of Blanchot’s paintings by means of addressing its engagement with the Romantic legacy, particularly (but not just) that of the Jena Romantics. Drawing upon quite a lot of philosophers and poets linked without delay or in a roundabout way with German Romanticism (Kant, Fichte, Goethe, Jean Paul, Novalis, the Schlegels, Hölderlin), the authors of this quantity discover how Blanchot’s fictional, serious, and fragmentary texts rewrite and reconsider the Romantic call for in terms of questions of feedback and reflexivity, irony and subjectivity, narrative and style, the chic and the neutre, the paintings and the fragment, citation and translation. studying Blanchot with or opposed to key twentieth-century thinkers (Benjamin, Foucault, de Man), additionally they learn Romantic and post-Romantic notions of background, mind's eye, literary concept, depression, have an effect on, love, revolution, neighborhood, and different crucial issues that Blanchot’s writings installation around the century from Jean-Paul Sartre to Jean-Luc Nancy. This ebook comprises contributions in either English and French.

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58 (his emphasis). We have 57 58 This is not to say that Hegel did not hold art in high esteem. On the contrary, as Blanchot reminds us in La Part du feu, ‘[Hegel] avait de l’art la plus haute idée qu’on en puisse former, – puisqu’il voyait comment l’art peut devenir religion et la religion art’ (PF, 295).  227. 38 Hannes Opelz and John McKeane already mentioned the political mode of this fury when we discussed the relationship between writing and revolution, between the self-declarative mode of literature and the Jacobin Terror turned into ‘le logos des temps modernes’ (EI, 521).

Mais ce renversement n’est aussi rien de plus que le moyen ‘rusé’ dont le monde se sert pour se rendre plus stable et plus réel. Aide d’ailleurs limitée, qui n’est importante qu’à certains moments, que l’histoire plus tard rejette, quand, devenue elle-même visiblement la négation du travail, elle trouve dans le développement des formes techniques de la conquête la vitalité dialectique qui l’assure de sa fin. (EL, 288) It is in light of such statements that one should consider, alongside the possible ‘Blanchot (post-)romantique’, a side to his thinking which would be resolutely anti- or un-Romantic.

Is not something that can be positively completed, achieved, or exhausted: the subject Introduction: The Absolute, the Fragmentary 29 is always there to be dissolved, lost, ruined, dispersed, negated, effaced, unworked, and so on. 38 The key terms here are ‘peut-être infinie’. Romantic or otherwise, the question of the subject remains, for Blanchot, inexhaustible. In a letter addressed to René Major in April 1988, he writes: Oui, la question du sujet reste aujourd’hui encore la question de la question.

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