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By Dr W. Hazmy, Z. Zainurashid and R. Hussaini

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In this field he discussed different movernents of the moon, and discovered 'variation'. He was also one of the last Arabic translators and commentators of Greek works. He wrote a large number of books on mathematics and other subjects, most of which have been lost or exist in modified forms. His contribution includes Kitab 'Ilm al-Hisab, a practical book of arithmetic, al-Kitab al-Kamil (the Complete Book), Kitab al-Handsa (Applied Geometry). Apart from this, he wrote rich commentaries on Euclid, Diophantos and al-Khawarizmi, but all of these have been lost.

2. Part two: Elucidation of the organs of the human body, rules for keeping good health and comprehensive account of certain muscular diseases. 3. Part three: Description of diet to be taken in conditions of health and disease. 4. Part four: All diseases right from head to toe. This part is of 30 Muslim Scholars and Scientists profound significance in the whole book and comprises twelve papers: i) General causes relating to eruption of diseases. ii) Diseases of the head and the brain. iii) Diseases relating to the eye, nose, ear, mouth and the teeth.

After giving a generalisation Thabit then considers the case of equally distributed continuous loads and finds the conditions for the equilibrium of a heavy beam. Of course Archimedes considered a theory of centres of gravity, but in [14] the author argues that Thabit's work is not based on Archimedes' theory. Finally we should comment on Thabit's work on philosophy and other topics. Thabit had a student Abu Musa Isa ibn Usayyid who was a Christian from Iraq. Ibn Usayyid asked various questions of his teacher Thabit and a manuscript exists of the answers given by Thabit, this manuscript being discussed in [21].

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