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By W. Hughes

Studying Stoker as a player in Victorian and Edwardian cultural existence, this e-book examines the breadth of Stoker's novel size fiction, in addition to his journalism, biographical writings and brief fiction. Its considers questions of faith, censorship, gender and medication, making it appropriate for readers of the Gothic and people interested in the research of Victorian and Edwardian tradition.

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9:11). The Lesson has been taught and is now complete. The pure have been vindicated and protected by their purity. The repentant have been saved through their compliance with Divine Will. The sinful have once again been subjugated into penitence. The seemingly chaotic and horrific - whether it be realised in the form of sudden death or mindless violence - is redefined in Under the Sunset as an emblem of Order. This paradoxical combination of chaos and order is the vehicle by which the reader is introduced to a theological debate on sin and repentance in Under the Sunset.

Egyptology, however, is underpinned by the broader culture of Orientalism, a mode of discourse by which Eastern civilisations and peoples are made available to Western material culture. Trelawny's assistant, Corbeck, is the novel's primary medium for the expression of the frequently negative connotations of acquisitive archaeology. These arise out of the ambivalent relationship between the quest of the explorer and the ethics of the Occident. Corbeck - the name suggests an onomatopoeic representation of some grotesque carrion bird makes 'a living of a sort' by 'tomb hunting' on behalf of Trelawny, rather than through the academic use of his many qualifications (JSS 69).

In such writings the giant is a figure apparently beyond the self, but whose behaviour grotesquely magnifies qualities that may lurk undiscovered or unacknowledged within the reader. Beyond the still-potent figure of Bunyan's Giant Despair may be found a range of similar leviathans adapted to a specifically nineteenth-century context. In The Giants and How to Fight Them, a typical work for children popular in the period, the Reverend R. Newton advises his child readers that, though David was victorious at Shochoh, the giants are not all dead yet.

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