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The bomb that almost killed Thomas Black went off in a faculty fitness center after a Senate candidate had spoken. Amid the carnage, Black enters a tunnel of goals and hallucinations, oblivion and unconnected stories. humans come and cross in his medical institution room. a girl kisses him. A madman's rant echoes in his brain.

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Now in paperback from the bestselling writer of "The colour of Night"--the gripping tale of a guy compelled to renounce every thing he is labored for his complete lifestyles, or face the scary outcomes. "The plot grabs you and simply will not allow pass. "--James Patterson.

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During this riveting amalgam of political intrigue, poignant romance, and bare-knuckled motion, six associates possibility every little thing to thwart a world Nazi conspiracy. within the monetary devastation of the Thirties, a grasping, power-hungry crew of German industrialists plot to bring in the nationwide Socialist social gathering so one can rearm Germany and achieve the monetary rewards.

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Celebrated as a ragtag strength that defeated and broke the Soviet Union, nobody envisioned the Mujahideen might carry with them a virulent disease that may unfold like wildfire via Pakistan within the years to keep on with. whilst the battle-worn opponents again with out enemy or struggle to struggle, they grew to become their points of interest at the kingdom that have been their writer and benefactor.

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She drove over a cattle guard, then up a bumpy incline. The washboard road kicked up stones against the car’s undercarriage, the pinging sounding eerily as if someone were shooting at her. When the road leveled off, it appeared headed straight for a windbreak of cottonwoods off in the wavy distance. In the shelter of the trees stood a weather-beaten barn and several outbuildings, a windmill listing precariously, a small white farmhouse. That had to be her place, Elizabeth thought. She wondered if the old woman would look anything like the person in the newspaper photos.

The cool air from the Dnieper was wafting into the room, and from the apartment below ours drifted the wistful cello notes of the music student who lived there. Mostly, though, what I remembered of that morning was the feeling, that strange and altogether wondrous sensation somewhere deep down inside a woman when she feels—no, when she knows—she is carrying life within her. I lay very still, feeling that life beginning in me, taking hold, filling me, knowing already that I loved the tiny creature that was sharing my body, loved it with all my heart and soul, loved it so much that the tears welled up in my eyes as I listened to something hauntingly beautiful by Rachmaninoff.

Yeltsin standing on a tank, defying the military. Nuclear missiles for sale on the black market. Old women waiting in long lines to pawn silverware so they could buy a little food. Some story hidden since the war just coming to light—like the one about Hitler’s skull suddenly turning up in Moscow. Revelations and scandals and long-buried secrets unearthed. In short, a journalist’s dream. At a cocktail party Elizabeth had attended at the American ambassador’s residence, the buzz was all about whether Gorbachev would resign peacefully in favor of Yeltsin or if there would be actual civil war.

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