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By Dia Calhoun

Because the blood of her great-great-grandmother, Dolvoka, had sprung up in Princess Avielle-because she appeared Dredonian-would Dolvoka's evil magic spring up in her, too? along with her silver epidermis and silver hair, fifteen-year-old Princess Avielle of Rhia resembles her Dredonian great-great grandmother who practiced evil magic. every body in Rhia expects Avielle to show evil, too. kept away from by means of these round her, she feels unloved and not able to like others. additionally, Rhia is at the verge of conflict with Dredonia, which suffers less than the guideline of evil wizard-priests: the Brethren of the Black Cloaks. they've got put most unlikely calls for upon Rhia, however the king and queen have refused to acquiesce.One poor evening, the Brethren assault, killing the royal relations and enormous quantities of others. in basic terms Avielle escapes. She needs to preserve her id mystery to prevent dying from the enemy. whereas hiding one of the universal humans, she learns that she has a paranormal reward for weaving. yet will this present, rooted in her Dredonian blood, lead Avielle to an analogous evil that possessed her great-great grandmother? Or will it aid her unfastened her humans from additional assaults?

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How then would she bear the hostile stares, the sneers, the whispers? It did not seem possible that people could revile her even more, shun her more, mistrust her more. As the horses clip-clopped on the cobblestones, Avielle looked out the open window and saw soldiers in green and white uniforms riding past. She saw a lady in a yellow dress bedecked with ribbons and flounces—her maid, laden with packages, trailing behind.

The weaver. Gamalda Calima, who had sun rays on her dress. When Avielle had almost reached her room, the light grew dim. Only a few candles burned in the sconces; many had gone out, and the chairs and tables against the walls seemed to hover in the shadows. In her haste to leave the library, she had forgotten to bring a candlestick or lamp. She was just approaching the door to Rajio’s room when she heard muffled crying. What was wrong? Where was his nurse? Avielle hurried to the door, opened it, and shut it softly behind her.

You are my favorite little brother, aren’t you? ” Avielle heard the sound of paper rustling. 50 AVIELLE OF RHIA “People,” Rajio said, his voice puzzled. ” “They are toy soldiers,” Edard said. ” “I know you love Dumpkins, Rajio. But you are five years old now, too old for stuffed lambs and other such toys. ” Avielle had never heard Edard speak so gently. ” Edard said gaily. “Let us set them up. ” Avielle could hear little clunks as they set each toy soldier on the floor. “Some are painted green and some black,” Rajio said to Edard.

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