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At the outset of my report on Nachbin's contributions to infinitedimensional holomorphy I must explain the notation introduced by him 46 J. Horvath I Life and Works of L. Nachbin and used universally now. As is well known, if E 1, ••• ,Em and Fare vector spaces over the same field, a map A : (Xl' ••. ,xm)~ A(x l , ... ,xm) from E 1 x ... x Em into F is m-linear if for any index i (1::;; i,,;;;; m) and for arbitrary fixed vectors xj E E j (1::;; j::;; m, j ¥- i) the map Xi ~ A(x l , ••• , Xi' •••• x m ) from E, into F is linear.

Suppose that for any ai' ... , am in A and for any win W there exists a fundamental weight b on IR m such that Iw(x)1 ~ b(al(x), ... , am (x) for all x E X. Then 'W' is localizable under d. I shall reproduce the proofs of both theorems because they are contained only in the lecture [54] which is not easily accessible and is in Portuguese, and also because they contain the germs of the proofs in the more complicated setting Nachbin adopted for his main publications on the subject [48], [49], [50].

There is a beautiful presentation of Machado's proof due to R. Burckel {I5} which includes the case of continuous functions with values in a Banach space. J. Ransford {70} gave a remarkably simple proof of Machado's theorem, based on the idea of H. ) for proving the original Weierstrass theorem, which was later adapted by B. Brosowski and F. Deutsch to a proof of the Stone-Weierstrass theorem {ll}, {I2}. In the note [19] Leopoldo Nachbin establishes a Stone-Weierstrass theorem for the approximation of r-times continuously differentiable functions.

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