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Ten years after the Supreme Court’s opinion, Newman (2008, p. ’ A Silent War: Conflict and Language Policy 37 The value of peace and the silence of war Our society sees peace as a core value, yet finds it hard to define and harder to achieve. Linguistic equality is a neglected area, and language is often used as a bargaining chip in the larger processes. Bell’s assessment (2003: xiii) of the importance of justice and fair treatment in CR is appropriate to LPP in both Quebec and the NoI. ’ In Chapters 2–8, I shall investigate whether the GFA can indeed be termed a ‘solution’ or rather a further chapter in an ongoing conflict.

The European Parliament (Haggerup, 1984, p. 37) has conceded that the North is ‘a constitutional oddity’, whilst academics have questioned its international legitimacy (Wight 1977, p. 153). 23 Contrasting with this view is the assertion by the UK government that Northern Ireland is an integral part of the UK, an independent internationally recognised state. ’ The opportunity to interpret the principle of self- determination with specific reference to the contrasting positions on Northern Ireland arose in August 1969.

Ruling that the four fundamental tenets of the Canadian Constitution, democracy, constitutionalism and the rule of law, federalism and protection for minorities could not be separated from each other, the ruling stated that in the event of a ‘une majorité claire en réponse à une question claire’ / a clear majority on a clear question,’’ the ROC would have to enter negotiations on the terms of Quebec independence. Neither the precise meaning of ‘une majorité claire’ / ‘a clear majority’ nor ‘une question claire’ / ‘a clear question’ was defined.

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