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By Mr George E Curtis

Astronomical wisdom derived from the floor plan of Stonehenge, which has major implications for the historical past of humanity. confirmed with arithmetic this ebook describes actual historic wisdom that conflicts with smooth technology yet upholds the Biblical tale of Genesis.

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The ‘Inspired Word of God’ has the power to stir heated emotions in many, and leave others as cold as my forgotten cup of tea. The sad thing for me is that all the troubles and strife, all the bloodshed and carnage, seems to have been about nothing more than the ‘right way’ to worship the One True God. Nevertheless, for good or for mayhem, the Bible has shaped all our lives. Many people do not realize that without even reading it, their lives are saturated by the content of the Bible. Despite all this, many still regard it as a book of myth, as being untrue, and of no value.

No, if I talk to you, I am talking to another person. When we talk to other people we are talking in much the same way as God is reported to be talking. The religious pundits also explain how the scribe can quote God when there were no humans around to hear Him, by claiming that the words were by direct inspiration. That means that God dictated and the scribe wrote down what he said, much like a modern secretary. It is more reasonable to say that the scribe wrote down what his people believed, and invented quotes from God as a shorthand way of explaining things.

It was a word that I considered only briefly at that time, before putting it back where it came from. I considered it, indeed I did, because I was not putting a presumptuous and atheistic interpretation on the ancient scribe’s words; I was taking them literally, as instructed by the very religious ladies who came to my door. The word ‘clone’ is a modern word, and we know what it means, but the ancient scribe was surely saying the same thing, though struggling to express himself? I sat there sipping my tea and staring at the words I was reading in disbelief.

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