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By Miriam Lichtheim

Chronologically prepared translations of historical Egyptian writings shed mild upon the improvement of numerous literary varieties. Bibliogs.

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Northlide. Horus: Mighty-of-ka's: Two Ladies: Flourishing-in-years; Gold-Horus: Divinc-of-diadems; King of Upper and Lower Egypt. Lord of the Two Lands: Makare. Her father Amun has established her great name upon the augmt ished-tree. 4 Her annals are millions of years, united with life, stability, and dominion. The Son of Re, Hatshepsut Khenemet-Amlln. beloved of Amen-Re, King of Gods, is [rthe builder of this' beautiful monument 11 which she made for him on the first occurrence oflhejubilee.

Amama, V, 19-M lind pl~. 2:,-2H and ~7-4! Sandman. Akhrnatm. pp, 119-131. Urk. IV, 1981-1990. Translation: BAR. )6~). Hekk. tlbmt>twlIg. pp. 344-347 On the "royal name" of the ,\ten. n in <:artouches. see especially B. 2:1), 161l-17(j, G. Fecht. lAS, H5 (1900),91 I Iii. R. Anthes. lAS. YO (190,1). I-Ii. 1ourth month of winter, day 13, The Good God. ' The great living Ate" who is in jubilee, who dwells in the Ilouse-oF-Aten in Akhet-Aten. -ever, The Good God. en fashioned, Cseful, truthful. to his maker, Who contents him with that which pleases his kll, Who serves him who begot him, Who guides the land for him who enthroned him, Who provisions his house 01" eternity With millions.

Their rays fall on the faces like Aten when he shines at dawn, It is equipped with a station of the lord,' worked with gold and many costly stones. Flagstaffs are set up before it, worked with fine gold, It resembles the hori7'On of heaven when Re rise~ in it. Its pond is filled by great Hapy; it has fish and fowl and is adorned with plants. ~ mi~iesty despoiled. Its stOrerooms [contain] goods that cannot be counted. It is surrounded by Syrian settlements, inhabited by the children of the princes.

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