Analytic Hyperbolic Geometry in N Dimensions: An by Abraham Albert Ungar PDF

By Abraham Albert Ungar

The idea of the Euclidean simplex is critical within the examine of n-dimensional Euclidean geometry. This ebook introduces for the 1st time the concept that of hyperbolic simplex as a major inspiration in n-dimensional hyperbolic geometry.

Following the emergence of his gyroalgebra in 1988, the writer crafted gyrolanguage, the algebraic language that sheds traditional mild on hyperbolic geometry and exact relativity. a number of authors have effectively hired the author’s gyroalgebra of their exploration for novel effects. Françoise Chatelin famous in her booklet, and in other places, that the computation language of Einstein defined during this e-book performs a common computational position, which extends a ways past the area of specified relativity.

This e-book will inspire researchers to take advantage of the author’s novel thoughts to formulate their very own effects. The publication presents new mathematical tools, such as hyperbolic simplexes, for the learn of hyperbolic geometry in n dimensions. It also presents a brand new examine Einstein’s particular relativity concept.

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The Einstein gyroparallelogram law of gyrovector addition. Let A, B, C ∈ Rns be any three points of an Einstein gyrovector space (Rns, ⊕, ⊗), giving rise to the two gyrovectors u = A⊕B and v = A⊕C. Furthermore, let D be a point of the gyrovector space such that ABDC is a gyroparallelogram, that is, D = (B ⊞ C) A by Def. 2, p. 174, of the gyroparallelogram. Then, Einstein coaddition of gyrovectors u and v, u ⊞ v = w, expresses the gyroparallelogram law, where w = A⊕D. Einstein coaddition, ⊞, thus gives rise to the gyroparallelogram addition law of Einsteinian velocities, which is commutative and fully analogous to the parallelogram addition law of Newtonian velocities.

In the study of higher dimensional simplices it proves useful to assign to each (N − 1)-simplex A1 . . AN the so called (N + 1) × (N + 1) Cayley–Menger matrix MN, [38, Sect. 4], [10, Sect. 462), p. 462, 14 Analytic Hyperbolic Geometry in N Dimensions MN ⎛ 0 ⎜ ⎜1 ⎜ ⎜ ⎜ = ⎜1 ⎜ ⎜ .. ⎜. ⎝ 1 1 1 0 a212 a212 0 a21N a22N ... 1 ⎞ ⎟ . . a21N ⎟ ⎟ ⎟ 2 ⎟, . . a2N ⎟ ⎟ ⎟ .. ⎟ . ⎠ ... 23) along with its Cayley–Menger determinant, Det MN, where aij2 = || − Ai + Aj||2. Here we use the notation illustrated in Fig.

6 we see arbitrarily selected three nongyrocollinear points A, B, C ∈ R2s (that is, the points A, B, C do not lie on the same gyroline), together with a fourth point D ∈ R2s, which satisfies the gyroparallelogram condition, D = (B ⊞ C) A. The gyroparallelogram condition insures that gyroquadrangle ABDC is a gyroparallelogram (that is, the two gyrodiagonals of ABDC intersect at their gyromidpoints). In gyroparallelogram ABDC three gyrovectors emanate from vertex A. These are the two side gyrovectors u = A⊕B and v = A⊕C and the gyrodiagonal gyrovector w = A⊕D.

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