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Turning to portfolio decisions, individual /? 8) choose Ah(\\Ah(2\ . . ,Ah(S) to maximize a=1 subject to s Σ Φ)ΑΗ(*) < Σ <*(« Σ Σ P>)*/*(a) a= 1 where JJ= ι pMeih^) is ^'s endowment of security a, and it equals the value of his commodity endowment in state a. In equilibrium the demand for good / in state a equals its supply. 9) Σ ? » = Σ h = 1 Λ= 1 */W / = 1,2 TV, oc= 1 , 2 , . . , S In addition, the demand for every security equals its supply. 10) £ Ah(oc) = Σ Λ= 1 Σ PiMe», a = 1,2,. . 11) q(*)Pi(*) = ôfi(a) In words, the price of security a times the spot price of commodity / in state a is equal to the price of a claim on one unit of commodity / in state a.

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