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by Gian-Carlo Rota the themes of arithmetic, just like the topics of mankind, have finite lifespans, which the historian will list as he freezes heritage at one speedy of time. There are the outdated matters, loaded with differences and honors. As their difficulties are solved away and the purposes reaped by way of engineers and different moneymen, ponderous treatises assemble airborne dirt and dust in library basements, looking forward to the day while a iteration as but unborn will rediscover the misplaced paradise in awe. Then there are the middle-aged matters. you could inform which they're via roaming the halls of Ivy League universities or the Institute for complicated reviews. Their excessive clergymen haughtily refuse brilliant deals from keen provin­ cial universities whereas receiving specific permission from the President of France to lecture in English on the collage de France. Little do they comprehend that the burden of technicalities is already serious, approximately to crack and submerge their theorems within the airborne dirt and dust of oblivion that after enveloped the dinosaurs. eventually, there are the younger subjects-combinatorics, for example. Wild­ eyed members gingerly select from a mountain of intractable difficulties, chil­ dishly babbling the 1st phrases of what's going to quickly be a brand new language. baby­ hood will finish with the 1st Seminaire Bourbaki. it can be most unlikely to discover a extra becoming instance than matroid idea of an issue now in its infancy. The telltale symptoms, for an unfailing analysis, are the abundance of deep theorems, going including a paucity of theories.

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We make the following definitions: p(N) =number of elements inN. n(N) =p(N) -r(N) =nullity of N. N is independent, or, the elements of N are independent, if n(N) = 0; otherwise, N, and its set of elements, are dependent. 1. For any N, r(N) > 0 and n(N) > 0. t·(N) < r(M), n(N) < n(M). LEMMA LEMMA If N C M, then 2. Any subset of an independent set is independent. e is dependent on N if r( N + e) = r( N) ; otherwise e is independent of N. e. a matroid B in M such that n(B) = 0, while B C N, B =I= N implies n(N) > 0.

Of Waterloo, Ontario, 1966. , LovAsz, L. : Strong independence of graphcopy functions, Graph Theory and Related Topics, pp. 165-172, Academic Press, New York, 1979. FAIGLE, U. : Projective geometry on partially ordered sets, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 266(1981), 319-332. : A semimodular imbedding of lattices, Canad. J. Math. 12(1960), 582-591. R. : Flows in Networks, Princeton Univ. , 1962. GYORI, E. and MILNER, E. : A theorem of transversal theory for matroids of finite character, Discrete Math. 23(1978), 235-240.

This is proved by showing that in a connected complemented modular lattice, the points satisfy a set of axioms of projective geometry similar to those of Veblen. Related papers are Baer [42], Faigle and Herrmann [81], and Kahn and Kung [pre]. 1935/36 T. NAKASAWA, Zur Axiomatik der linearen Abhiingigkeit, I, II, and III, Sci. Rep. Toyko Bunrika Daigaku, 2(1935), 235-255, 3(1936), 123-136, and 3(1936), 45-69. The first paper in this series contains an axiomatization of matroids (called here B 1-spaces) contemporaneous with but independent of Whitney's.

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