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D. she sought to import them from the Roman Empire. But the grave effects of this upon the imperial economy caused the Emperor Vespasian (69-79) to stop the flight of precious metals, and Indians had to seek for them elsewhere. c. D. 78 is the date of Kanishka's accession. Op. , pp. 41-4. In Les peuples de Ia Peninsule Indochinoise, 1962, chap. ii, C=ies has elaborated and corrected his views. 18 TO THE BEGINNING OF THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY PT. I Khersonese, and the Sanskrit names, such as Suvarnabhumi and Suvarnadv£pa, which they gave to parts of South-East Asia, indicate that to Indians they were famous chiefly for gold.

The Funanese were of Malay 3 race, and still iu the tribal state at the dawn of history. The culture of Oc Eo itself is characterized by M. Malieret as halfindigenous, half-foreign; its foreign affinities, he says, were almost entirely with India. The earliest Chinese reference to the kingdom comes from the pen of K'ang T'ai, who together with Chu Ying was sent thither on a mission in the middle of the third century. He tells the story of the foundation of the kingdom by Kaundinya, whose name he transliterates Hun-t'ien.

Pp. 98-9. CH. 2 SOUTH-EAST ASIAN PROTO-HISTORY the Indian transmitters were court functionaries, not mtsswnaries. More often than not it was a case of an ambitious ruler, anxious to copy the grander style of the Indian courts, employing Brahmans to consecrate him as a god-king in accordance with the ideas and ritual of the Indian classics. It was essential, when forcing other rulers into a state of vassalage, to have consecration of this sort whereby the worship was established of a linga as the king's sacred personality and he himself was identified with Siva.

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