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Pice; gen. piceab 3. pice is declined 2. sence of nonns, : — nom. plur. picib. dat. picib 4. C6abhas gen. c6ib; nom. pi. ; ; 5. The following nouns, which c6aba orc^abca. are all except THE PRONOUN. CHAP. ] 89 beipc, formed from the numerals, are applied to — persons only war. wr\ two P 6 ™ " 9 : - a couple. three persons. , m6p-peipeap, J o6cap, eight ,, nonbap, nacmbap, nine „ ten „ bei6neabap, „ CHAPTEE IV. THE PRONOUN. — six kinds of pronouns Personal, Possessive, Eelative, Demonstrative, In1.

The following — are the emphatic forms TTlipe or mepi, myself; cupa, thyself; pepean. 3. : ETYMOLOGY. 40 himself ; pipe, herself yourselves ; [PABT pinne, ourselves ; ; II. pibpe, piabpan, themselves. 4. The word p6in, self, is often added to the personal pronouns, not as a particle but as a separate word and it is still more emphatic than the parme" p6in, I ticles mentioned in last paragraph myself; pi p6in, she herself. 5. The personal pronouns are all declined and they may carry the emphatic increase through all the cases.

Nouns of the fifth declension are mostly feminine. and they 2. They generally end in a vowel form their genitive by adding n or tin, and occasionally b or c. 3. The dative singular is formed from the geni; by attenuation. The nominative plural is formed from the genitive singular by adding a. 5. The genitive plural is like the genitive singular. tive 4. Example, uppa, a door jamb. Plural. Singular. Nom. Nom. uppana. uyipa. Gen. uppan. Dat. uppanaib. Gen. uppan. Dat. uppain. 6. To this declension belong the proper names Glba, 6ipe, Ireland; gen.

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